A graduate of Networking/Telecomms with 4 years of professional experience working in various web related roles, I have a wide range of skills; full stack development, user experience and design.

However, I mainly focus on front end development but with experience in all these disciplines, I am able to work on any project with the full scope in mind; a valuable approach since I can easily provide insight and advice on all aspects of a project.

Front-end development

I create websites which assure efficiency and user satisfaction, regardless of the device the users may be using. Websites are developed with a responsive layout, using progressive enhancement and tested for cross-browser compatibility, providing an optimal viewing experience.

Back-end development

Whilst my main role is front end developer, I am experienced in using back-end technologies such as PHP, NodeJS and making use of WordPress or other tools (this site is built with Node, Express, Jade) to allow for content management of the sites I create. To have a good understanding of both disciplines has been hugely beneficial.

technologies & tools I use on a daily basishtml5, css3, sass, javascript, angularjs, grunt, gulp, bower, npm, nodejs, php, wordpress, vagrant
conferences attended recentlyWebCamp Zagreb 2015, WordCamp Zurich 2015, An Event Apart Boston 2015

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